Thesis correspondence



I reckon a blog could be a fine and reasonable way for our triumvirate to flourish.

I’ll endeavor to outline my thesis plan under the page headings i have created on this blog. These being:

  • Introduction. Clearly expressed mission statement/ What i’m doing.
  • Interview candidates. Interview schedule. Draft of interview request form.
  • Textual analysis. Musings on research. Possible angles.
  • Argument and discussion of hypothesis. Chapter headings. What i’ll be adding to the existing research body.
  • Conclusion.

To update my progress: I’m hacking through my usual mental weeds. I took much from Mandy’s parting advice, “talk to yourself Aaron, you’ll find things are much easier if you start talking to yourself”.

So I have.

My elective this semester is Transient Spaces, the subject matter of which is kind of complementary to my thesis ambitions. I’ll be making a documentary about a community theory and publishing this digitally and linking to existing publications related to my documentary subject. Ideally, my doc will then be shared around and become a fixture in the community. My subject is RAGE! – trivial episodes of rage! sometimes experienced during fleeting community memberships we who live in cities must routinely form in or day to day lives. Funnily enough, there are thousands of groups that exist on the many social networking sites that discuss occurrences of rage! in society. Anyway, i digress.

Please feel free to comment. Perhaps me updating my progress via blog provides you with a convenient way to frequently critique, monitor and advise at your leisure.

I’ll make a start at adding content to the pages during the course of the weekend.


4 Responses to “Thesis correspondence”

  1. 1 mandy

    You really do like to test me don’t you!!!!!

    Sorry I have beend delayed in getting comments back to you as have had to actually take time off this week as I have had alien growing in my stomach and am still in need of an exorcist!!!

    I will send U an annotated ethics form but a couple of big points for U to be thinking about

    1. Textual analysis is an actual method and from what you have outlined I think you are talking about your literature review or are U actually going to textually analyse as it were some parts of these websites???

    2. Not clear who you are actually planning on interviewing- need to be getting very specific at this stage eg who at News Corp..clearly it won’t be Rup???!!!

    3. Yep keep listening to Mandy and speaking through your sentences out loud..still having trouble making sense of some those in your project description.

    anyway let’s see if this works
    talk soon

  2. 2 coraltrout

    Hi Mandy,

    This is chicken-feed compared to stomach aliens, and i hope less bursting out likely. Hope you get well soon.

    All cool with the form.

    1. Yes, is a review of the literature. The lit so far is about the phenomenon of social media. That it is here to stay. That it is a sort of tech. evolution thing – humans have always been deeply social and so is the reason why we have been so readily drawn to social networking – even if it does seem only prurient at this early stage. Taking advantage of this desire will involve creating the technology to capture the potential market. Interesting. Lots of scope for speculation. Interviews will really add polish. Journalism has been thrown into flux, so specific insider views will be, hopefully, fascinating. Unless i fuck it up!

    2. Yes. Need to be making phone calls this week and locking of dates. This is my main objective for the next fortnight. I will draft letter of interview request. Drop it by yourself for vetting, and then send it out. I’ll set out to call and speak to each subject before i post.

    3. Great advice. I speak better than i write. I think it’s my Irish heritage. Prepare yourself a load of old blather.

  3. 3 Renee

    Hi Aaron,

    It seems to me from reading this (including Mandy’s response) that you are probably best not to focus on your methodology just yet (although given your proposal I think you will be doing case studies and not textual analysis). I would suggest that you focus on the literature now – get your definitions sorted – but most importantly from the literature nail down your specific research question/s. Then when you have those specific question/s you decide the methodology that will best help you to address those questions. It is at this stage that you start to do some reading on whatever methodology you have chosen.

    Hope this helps

  4. 4 coraltrout

    Thanks Renee,

    Yes, I’m in the midst of reading and boiling down my question. I have spoken to a few digital people/ creatives/ web-producers and thinkers in that realm who are interested in being interviewed. All are very interested and curious (who isn’t?) about how news will be read in the future. From the brief and round-about discussions had, I take it that they would have some interesting thoughts. But, yes, I need to be sure of what i ask and focussed on a specific – and achievable – objective.

    I have maybe a week of reading to go. I’ve decided to finish that and then attack the specifics.

    I’m feeling slightly more confident than a week ago. My writing, or my attempt at writing so far, is still a bit addled. But it’s coming into focus.

    cheers and happy easter

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