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The established mastheads, the well-known daily papery news tomes such as The Age and The Australian have seemingly been wrong-footed by the popularity of the digital medium. They were slow to adopt and put transitory plans in place and, in some cases, chose instead to build a beach head of resistance. A resistance that has […]

The effects of the web on how people communicate and how they receive information is undoubtably a global affair. My aim will be to present the effects of the web on the Australian news industry. I’ll analyse two examples that each represent the polar views expressed in an earlier post. In relation to these two […]

I’ve drafted the crux of my interview focus and posted it here for review. This is the letter I propose to send out to my interview candidates in the next few days. WHAT WILL A SUCCESSFUL NEWS PUBLICATION OF THE FUTURE LOOK LIKE? At first this may seem fatuous. But I disagree. I think that […]

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The rise of ecology, which, incidentally was what George Lucas was on about when he dreamt up ‘The Force’ as a law of social adherence for Jedi knights, is touched on in the extensive writings of Clay Shirky. He says the compulsion to be social, a trait that’s been with us since monkey-dom, is now cascading […]

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Interesting grab from an article written by Clay Shirky, lifted from his blog. To pick a couple of examples more or less at random, last year Barry Diller of IAC said, of content available on the web, “It is not free, and is not going to be,” Steve Brill of Journalism Online said that users […]