Structuring my discussion


I’ve drafted the crux of my interview focus and posted it here for review. This is the letter I propose to send out to my interview candidates in the next few days.


At first this may seem fatuous. But I disagree. I think that the look – the first impression given to a discerning, digitally savvy and technology hungry future Australian newsreader – is more important, in the digital age, than it was before. The ability to create ‘intuitively functional’ news applications is now, I hypothesize, just as important a skill in news as writing or photographing.

I think it might be a fun angle and one that is also loaded with important considerations for Australian journalism, to try and anticipate what success will look like. How will it materialise into our lives? Will it be via things like the iPad or Kindle? Will it be a new piece of paper-like screen technology that can be put onto or into anything? Is it something we haven’t seen yet?

A comparison between two existing examples is still relevant. My research is telling me that there is a polarisation of views. One view is characterised by a reluctance to change or remodel behavior. The other is more yielding to trends and adaptable to the changes that these trends force on them. A good example of the second category is Twitter. Twitter has been widely used for two years. Millions of people around the world use it in a very targeted manner. Users select their own feeds. There has been no revenue raising system in place until this was announced today (via twitter itself through a number of subscribers who I feed into)

Anyway. I’m still researching so i won’t go into it until I have some grounding in place, as per the advice given.

I am going to draft the interview questions and organise my chapter headings in the next few days. The headings will be a way, as Mandy suggested, to drag some structure into my discussion and serve to focus my thoughts further.


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