An Australian context


The effects of the web on how people communicate and how they receive information is undoubtably a global affair.

My aim will be to present the effects of the web on the Australian news industry. I’ll analyse two examples that each represent the polar views expressed in an earlier post.

In relation to these two examples, I’ll ask: How will the web change the look of Australian news?

I’ll discuss the wider, global implications of the web, and then focus on the two Australian examples.

With the onset of digital publishing, brought about because of the popularity of the internet, the portal, the hub, the first point of contact – perhaps the digital newspaper’s masthead and front page – is arguably the most important feature of online news. How do sites drive people to this portal? How do they entice them to explore further? Is it necessary to have a local tone in the same way as The Age is favored by people living in Melbourne over The New York Times?

The digital hub, the look of it, the make-up of it and its functionality, is a vital component of today’s successful news journal. It is therefore an important area of knowledge in a journalist’s skill-base.


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