Draft of letter

Would you like to be interviewed about the future of Australian news?

What is a successful Australian news publication of the future going to look like?

The future of journalism is a subject fraught with speculation and widely diverse opinion. Two talents dominate news: writing and photography. You can argue that performance and speaking are also dominant, but writing is the bedrock of those second things, so each can be distilled down to writing at their foundation.

The Internet and the technology that maintains and drives content that is produced for it, has enabled anyone with a digital connection and some easily gathered software to produce and publish news. Anyone can take a photograph and anyone can produce and publish some writing. Due to this, a new talent has forced itself into the dominion of writing and photography as skills necessary for producing news. Content producing for digital platforms will be as fundamental a skill for a journalist as writing.

As part of a small thesis, I am conducting interviews with people who may be able to shed some interesting insight on a small aspect of this subject.

What will a future Australian newspaper look like? How will it be delivered?

I think this is a key creative aspect that is being overlooked. I think what a newspaper looks like, how a newspaper is delivered, how it is materializes on your screen, phone or fridge door is going to be important in determining success or failure.

It will be about how easy and, to use digital jargon, ‘intuitive’ and ‘functional,’ the news publication is for the ‘user’.

Being able to make digital applications that enable intuitive and functional delivery of news to people will be just as fundamental a skill as writing and photography.

I will be asking a sample of news publication and digital industry professionals, like you, to let rip. Everyone has an opinion. I want to gather some of these together and, along with other research, attempt to present something that is reflexive and indicative.

Interview Questions

  1. How has the web affected your job?
  2. Has it changed the way you work?
  3. Do you think knowledge about the technical aspects of publishing content on; for instance, commercial websites, is an important part of your job now?
  4. How important is it? Or, Why is it not important?
  5. Will it become important or be likely to become more important?
  6. Would you consider digital publishing, or being web-savvy enough to recognize a good news story from a digital publishing perspective, to now be as important a journalistic attribute as writing?
  7. Has this requirement altered the way news is gathered?
  8. Is this a good thing for the core integrity of good journalism?
  9. How do you see the future playing out for Australian journalism?
  10. What do imagine the journalism industry to look like in 20 years time?
  11. Who will be staffing the publications where people get there news and what will these publications be?
  12. What do you think these publications will look like? How will they work to engage, inform and entertain the future readership?
  13. Do you think that there is anything currently being published which reflects something of how you see news being consumed in the future?
  14. Will the readers of future Australian news be better informed than those of today?
  15. How can Australian news publishers better prepare themselves for the huge ground shift that has occurred and is still occurring?

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