As detailed in the argument section, the CHAPTER HEADINGS, will be arranged something thus:

  1. The past, the future.
  2. Crossroads
  3. Is Australia still home for Australian news?
  4. The dichotomy.
  5. Analysing two Australian news publications.
  6. What things will look like.
  7. Brave new world and futureshock

– or something like this….

Chapter’s one and two will serve to introduce my thesis. My introduction will be an effort to gather examples of past news media issues that caused consternation to established routine. I’ll be attempting to explain issues in the past that may shed light on the future. Can we learn from what’s gone before to help with the current transition? For example: Social media is to teenagers today what the transistor radio, or car was to 1950’s teenagers. Is the current flux caused by the willing adoption of social media just needless inter-generational confusion, or does it indeed point to a revolution in the way news will be produced. Is the immediacy and customised delivery sources provided by social media the way of the future or just a fad?

In terms of news in Australia. Similar to an Australian perspective on 70’s surfing culture in Kathy Lette’s Puberty Blues, are Australian newspapers experiencing a global phenomenon distilled into an Australian vernacular?


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